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Big Research Data Transfer

Leveraging of open science and especially research data
Leveraging of open science and especially research data

This UIS interfacing schema relates to the collaboration between science and industry through the leveraging of open science and especially research data and the specific requirements of managing big data. The EU has brought up the concept of open data pilots into Horizon 2020.  

The exchange and mutual use of research data between research institutions and industry, if done right, can accelerate research and provide opportunities for increased synergy, efficiency and economies of scale.

Stakeholders from science and industry currently hesitate to participate in them on a large scale. Scientists seem to perceive little benefit of providing their research data – which is their source of scientific reputation - in an open, structured, and machine-readable form in research data repositories. Increasing the understanding of stakeholder needs and wants for data exploitation, as well as developing the necessary technical infrastructure, providing best practices and guidelines, can speed-up the uptake of such open data initiatives. Additionally, understanding and leveraging the dynamics of data value chains and big-data ecosystems is another challenge. Improving such aspects could facilitate both UIS collaboration on a Web of Data, as well as increased research collaboration where research data is contributed in repositories for others to work on it.